Puppy Education Training Rules

We must insist to the fact the puppy is not too small or young for us to start its education. Young puppies do understand things early. If we let him bite whatever he wants when he is a puppy, to lie on the sofa, pull the belt, jump into our bed, to play with shoes, etc, later on if we order him not to do it, he will look us like saying: Why you never said that before?, now I do what I want cause I'm in command. To correct this behavior is an additional difficulty in his education. Many people prefer to ignore the problem, and end, literally, in the dog's slaves. The more efficient option, beyond doubt, is to show him what is permitted and what is not, besides doing it with coherence, a basic virtue of the pack's leader. Don't forget that what is forbidden today, is forbidden ever, without changes.

The First Commands: The first two orders he must understand is No! and never!. The first to interrupt what he is doing in a determined moment, but that can be done on some other occasions. The second, usually used with resolute voice, to show him that what he's doing is forbidden in any circumstances. The puppy immediately catches the tough sound of a No! and the negative gesture of the hand; at the beginning you can also grab him by the neck and shake him slightly, a gesture he knows very well cause his mother used to do it.

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