Puppy Feeding Artificially

Artificial puppy feeding: If you have adopted or acquired a puppy that does not have its mommy, you will need to try to raise him with a healthy diet that contains the correct amount of calories and necessary nutrients so that he develops well. Some people opt for finding a "substitute mother" that can feed the puppy, and other people prefer to ask their veterinarian what type of food they should feed it. If needed you can prepare the following:

  • Lactose free milk (about seven hundred units).
  • One whole egg
  • Powdered bones
  • Vitamin A (about two thousand units).
  • Vitamin D (about six hundred units).
  • Milk cream (two hundred units).

You can feed this mix to your puppy by using a little plastic baby bottle.When feeding your new puppy, hold it up to your body because physical contact is important for a puppy when he is eating. Place the nipple of the bottle inside the puppy's mouth; if the puppy does not suck on its own, you can softly squeeze on the bottle so that little amounts of milk come out in order to encourage the puppy to suck and to eat. After your puppy has finished eating, rub its tummy very gently and softly to facilitate its digestion and elimination. Take advantage of this time and pet and gently rub your puppy's whole body very gently and lovingly. Remember that at this age, puppies drink their mother's milk all the time, night and day, and sleep in between times. If at night you hear you puppy squirming, it might be because it feels cold or feels hungry, which is why it is important to attend to him. Give the puppy its bottle as well as your affection and cuddles. Although this may seem like a lot of work, it is vital to help the puppy turn into a healthy, good willed dog. This is a difficult task to take on, so consider it before getting a puppy that does not have its mommy to take care of it.

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