Puppy Feeding Schedule

A puppy's food must have more proteins and minerals than a grown dog's. You will need a puppy feeding schedule with a variety of foods according to the age. The first four weeks: Try and let the mother feed the pup during this stage. If you see the mother doesn't have enough milk, the you will have to feed the puppies with a baby bottle. When the pup is 5 weeks old, give them powdered milk with rice pudding and corn flakes three times a day. You can add one egg to the mix, and even canned dog food (in little pieces). Never give them raw meat. Encourage your pup to eat with your finger, so it can taste the food. Once the pups have harp teeth, the mother will not be very pleased to feed them, so you have to help them get used to a new way of eating.

Between the 8th and 9th weeks: If your pup gets to your house at this age, then you will have to find out about its habits, ask its former owner about food and frequency of meals.

Puppy feeding schedule for a young puppy dog:

  • 4 meals a day until it is 3 moths old
  • 3 meals a day until it is 6 months old
  • 2 meals a day from the moment it is 6 months old on

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