A Puppy Bath. Puppy First Bath

When is a puppy first bath? Puppies generally do not need to get bathed until they are five months old since they get their vaccinations during these first five months of their lives and during this time their bodies are more sensitive to catching a cold. It's always best to take all the necessary precautions just to be sure. When your puppy finally takes his first bath, make sure to find a nice warm spot to it in and use the appropriate dog shampoo. Puppies and dogs don't need to get bathed very often in order to stay clean. The most important requirement for their cleanliness is to get groomed and brushed everyday. If the dog or puppy gets mud on his coat, you can clean it off by using a towel with soap and warm water. Constantly bathing a puppy and dog is not recommended because shampoo and soap damages the natural oils of the puppy's skin and it tends to let off a strong odor and their coats begin to look dull. You should bathe your puppy or dog every two or three months or whenever absolutely necessary. To bathe your puppy you will need to use a washtub according to his size. Put a little anti slip mat underneath the puppy's feet so that he does not slip. If your pooch is nervous about this new experience, put some cotton balls inside his ears so that no water gets inside of them. Make sure to use good quality dog shampoo (never human shampoo or soap), and apply it rubbing opposite of the way his hair grows. Start by first washing off the puppy's body and then finish with his head. When rinsing the puppy off make sure you keep his head upwards so that soapy water does not get into his sensitive eyes. Generally it's recommended to let the puppy dry off on his own but there are some people that use hair dryers; make sure to though, to only use the hair dryer on the lowest setting and to never blow the air into the puppy's eyes! The most recommended way however, is to allow the puppy to dry out in the sun and let him burn off his energies too. You will then notice how he drowses off to sleep very quickly. It's very important bath time be a very enjoyable experience and that you treat the puppy with a lot of love as well as instill trust in him so that he cooperates.

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