Puppy First Night Home. The Cry & Crying & Whining at night

The "puppy first night home drama", with crying and howling, may be diminished taking some precautions. In first place, we can take his den to our room, so he won't feel alone. Calming words and pets are allowed, but don't leave him to jump into your bed. Coherence is fundamental for a good owner, and once authorize it lasts forever.Small dog's owners usually fall in this temptation allowing them to sleep at their beds. It starts when they are puppies, and normally continues when they are adults, cause they are still small. And, if the dog is clean, why not? In any case, this use should not produce psychological harm to the dog. Therefore, don't let them to get beneath the blankets, or very close to the owner's face (overprotection problems could arise), and by no means can we leave him to be the lord of our bed. The dog's owner must be sure he can make the dog go down when he wants, and to go to his place. If not there could be a "separation anxiety" problem that produces aggressive or destructive behaviors when the animal is alone, or he cannot make the bed his property.

When There are Other Animals at Home: We have said that for a wild canine, a cat is a prey. But our dog is not a wild one, and can learn, without trouble, to cohabit with other species. The dog should see him as another member of the family, as himself. To avoid jealousy, let's pet both at the same time, so no one feels discriminated. Once the problem is settled, very frequent really, a good relation between them can start or at least a non belligerent situation. It all depends on the character of both. A puppy and a kitten growing together use to be good mates.

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