Puppy Food

Nutrition and food given to a puppyand an adult dog brings up some controversy. Up until a few years ago, it was recommended to feed puppies and dogs balanced and nutritious diets. Nowadays there are already made dog and puppy food that do not require for the owner to have to do any work but to serve it right into their bowls. For those people that prefer to feed theirdogs natural foods, we will list some of the adequate components for making sure your puppy or dog gets a complete, healthy and balanced diet. Some are milk, chicken, chicken heart, liver (only occasionally), cereals such asoatmeal, and polenta, vegetables, boiled rice, carrots, apples, one or two eggs a week (although this varies depending on the age of the puppy or dog), non fat cheese with no salt etc. There are some puppies that are lactose intolerant and can be given yogurt instead, adding also one portion of non-fat cheese. A puppy that is about forty five to sixty days old must be given a healthy breakfast every day such as cereal which is indispensable to help the formation and retention of calcium. Lunch and or dinner can be made out of chicken with rice, carrots, a little cereal, half or a whole apple. In commercial packages of puppy and dog food, the amounts one must feed their dog is listed making it easier to give the puppy or dog the correct amount. It is recommended though to ask your veterinarian what brand he or she recommends and how much you should feed your puppy. If you have decided to feed your puppy or dog home made food, you will also need to get in touch with your veterinarian so he or she can help you decide what the best nutritional plan is for your puppy. Make sure your veterinarian is aware of your puppy's eating habits so that he or she can prescribe any calcium, or vitamins supplements in case the puppy were to need it. These are indispensable for the puppy's development and growth.

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