Puppy Housebreaking: House Hygiene Rules

The puppy will quickly learn to do his necessities where we want, so housebreaking the puppy early is important. The way of doing it depends on the place where the family lives. Let's see what is the best with a dog living in an apartment, or at a house with garden.Dogs living in a floor, in theory could also make their necessities outside from the first day, but if the puppy arrives before three months old, his vaccination cycle is not completed, so it's no convenient to let him going out, he could get some disease. So you better teach him to defecate over a newspaper, or if he is a big one, over an extended diaper. In any case, passing from defecating and urinating over a newspaper to go outside for it, is a very quick step.

For Dogs Living in Apartments: As soon as he arrives home, or after eating and sleeping, he will probably need to free his intestines. Induce him to do it over a newspaper. If he does it, praise him greatly. Only for the first two days, if he does it somewhere else, ; just clean it when the puppy is not looking ignore it; just clean it when the puppy is not looking and then use an odor neutralizer. (you can find it at animal's shops). Starting from the second day of cohabitation, when the puppy is already used to the changing of home, teach him hygienic rules. If he defecates at the wrong place reprimand him with a harsh no!, but only if you find him in that precise moment. A minute after is too late, he will not relate punishment with a previous incorrect action, and won't understand why you are angry. If you notice it after it's done, just clean it when he is not around, and use odor neutralizers. The puppy can go outside just after the vaccination plan is fulfilled. Take him out for a walk after meal, or after he wakes up, always to the same place (if possible one not crowded with other dogs, the adult's odor may inhibit puppies). Once he finishes, praise him. The greater your joy, the faster he will understand. To accelerate learning you can take a paper moisten with his urine, and place it where you want.

For Dogs at Houses with Yards: After each meal or wake up, take the puppy in your arms to the garden. Wait till he finishes doing it, keeping your eyes on him. Being at a known place without belt, he will do his necessities quickly. After finishing praise him. If by any circumstances he dirties the house , proceed the same way as in the case of the puppy living in a floor.

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