Dog Care. Puppy Hygiene and Cleanliness. Socializing with Dog.

Dogs are naturally clean. They don't like feeling dirty and choose their bathroom spots far away from their eating and sleeping area. There are some diseases that are contagious both from dogs to humans and vice versa. You can easily avoid this by following some basic rules:Puppy Hygiene and Cleanliness

  • Always wash your hands before eating.
  • If you have been outdoors or in the garden playing with your dog, wash your hands as soon as you get home.
  • The dog must always use his own bowl and never a kitchen one.
  • Don't ever let your dog lick your face or food.

Socializing with Dog: Try to imagine what would have happened if you never left your house, never went to school and would have never played with your friends… it would be horrible! Well that s exactly how it for some puppies until they are taken to their permanent home. All of a sudden their surrounded by a new family in a world full of new and strange things, such as televisions, human voices, cars going at full speed and the odd smell of animals that aren't even dogs like them Wouldn't you be terrorized? For your puppy to feel confident and friendly with people, animals and anything he can find around the neighborhood, it's important that he starts getting familiarized with it all before it's too late. Puppies must see and familiarize themselves with as many things possible while they are young, if you wait too long to show them something, they will be frightened by them and maybe even continue to be frightened by them for ever. This means that you have plenty of work ahead you, even if it's a fun one: make sure your puppy doesn't go to bed without getting to know someone or something new everyday This new thing can be in your house and just be a noise that your washing machine makes, or on the street and be a dog, or it even can be you riding your bike.

Of course making sure that none of these new experiences can put your dog in any kind of danger. For instance if any thing should happen, your dog would not only end up hurt, but with a life time scar in his mind and be forever remorsefully scared of this object. Brushing him and personal hygiene

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