Puppy Jumping at Play VS Playtime

Jumping puppies: Few things are as fun and enjoyable as seeing the way that your cute little puppy reacts when you come home after having been out. One of the most common expressions of your puppy's happiness and affection is jumping up on you. While this is cute and funny right now, once your puppy grows up and is bigger this act will not be funny or cute at all and besides being annoying, can even be dangerous. A jumping dog will also frighten visitors and children, so for all of these reasons it is best that you teach your puppy from the very beginning not to jump up on anyone. Whenever your puppy tries to jump up simply say "No" and turn your back towards it. Your puppy will quickly learn that jumping up doesn't bring about the desired results of more attention and affection. Be sure to pet, praise and reward your puppy when it greets you and doesn't jump up.

Puppy playtime:

One of the primary ways that puppies learn is by playing and play fighting. These play times and games are not just simply for the puppy to let off steam but rather are how the puppy learns many important lessons about life and what it can and can't do. Since the puppy's body and skills are constantly growing, changing and maturing the puppy needs to be able to play so that it can exercise its teeth, paws and leg muscles. Games and play times also help to stimulate the puppy's mental prowess and help it to learn more about the world that is all around them. All that to say, a puppy's play time is a very crucial part of its training and development and should be used to stimulate the puppy both physically and mentally. They also need lots of time outdoors under the sun and in the fresh air to help them develop into healthy and well adjusted dogs. A puppy that hasn't had sufficient playtime will have more behavior problems as an adult.

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