Puppy Litter Training - Mother & Father at Work

The first weeks of education and the efforts people make in order to teach the puppy certain habits are very important, yes, but bear in mind that many of the puppy's qualities will depend on litter training its parents gave it'.What mixture is the pup product of? What characteristic from the parents can we discover in it? How does the mother behave? Is the mother stable and friendly, or does it bark non-stop? Keep in mind, anyway, the mother is usually quite irritable for a period after giving bird. In this case, a chat with her owner would be useful.

Watch the puppies: In a puppy litter, you can usually find shy pups as well as extroverted ones. It will be useful if you watch your puppy when it's playing with the others. The ones that stay aside are the shy ones, and usually need lots of love so they can get to be self-confident. The ones that play the most, the ones that are curious and lively, are the ones that are probably dominating and need as well special care.

Watch the puppy on its own: If you have already chosen a pup, watch it on its own. Move towards it and call it softly. The usual reaction of a pup is for it to run to you happily. But if it seems sceptical, hides or runs away, it means it has had bad experiences with people. This damage is not permanent, though. You need to be extremely patient with it and show the pup you love it, so it understands you are reliable and it becomes sweet and grateful.

Health: A healthy puppy has quite a prominent tummy, and shiny eyes and hair. But unfortunately, it is usual for cross or mixed breed dogs to be mistreated, and litters of unhealthy pups are very common. Watery eyes, wounds, messy hair and others are not a reason to desist, nevertheless. A bit of love and care, and one of these poor puppies will become a happy pet. You will have to take it to the vet to get its vaccines anyway.

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