Puppy Mills -Adoption Standards

The Puppy Mill is not really the matter here, so I don't want to give too it much coverage analyzing the benefits and inconveniences of buying puppies to a breeder, an animal's shop or a particular person.I just want to point out that you must never buy, in any case, puppies illegally imported or produced by Puppy Mills, that are sold at:

  • some unscrupulous shops
  • itinerant "puppy's fairs"
  • some not officially registered breeders

These puppies usually come from under developed countries, where they are produced "in chains" and miserable conditions. Females are fecundated in each rut period, and are poorly fed. Besides, nobody takes care of selecting reproduction animals, their physic or character. Puppies are separated from the mother after 35 days, that is way before than permitted, and, without vaccines are transported in trucks under awful hygienic and alimentary conditions. After a long journey, they end, exhausted, behind a show window or cage, and offered as fine breed dogs at a cheap price. One fourth of these puppies dies before arriving. The 30% that survives die after 15 days at their new home, no matter medicines, and despite their new owner's despair. Those that survive use to grow with serious physical problems, produced by the lack of proper nutrition they had in their early age. They are generally ugly dogs, very atypical. But this last aspect is the less important, what really matters is that 60% of dogs with serious character problems come from this group.

Choosing the Ideal Puppy: At a good breeder's place we will be received by a breed's expert. Election won't be difficult: we have to tell him what kind of dog we want, and what works we pretend him to do. In case we are dealing with a particular person, we must check the puppies have received the proper care.

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