Puppy Personality Test Problems

Dogs show their fear of people (or things) primarily through their facial expressions and body postures. How really depends on the puppy's personality. In these test situations it is important to do your best to avoid the things that stimulate the dog's fears. Even with these precautions it is still possible that in a fearful dog could bite someone compulsively. Both dog and puppy aggression towards people, brought on by fear, is the leading cause of canine aggression towards people. If your dog or puppy displays this fear induced aggressive behavior, then it is very important that you search for the clues as to what brings on this behavior. By isolating the triggers you will be much better able to correct the problem before it becomes so ingrained that it is not possible for the dog to improve. Some of the things to look at when trying to figure out the triggers that bring on your puppy's fear induced aggression are: the physical appearances of the person, is the person male or female, the surrounding situation and even what specific places does this undesirable behavior take place in. Even a well behaved and stable puppycan react with aggression because of pain and can go as far as growling and even biting. Someone inadvertently touching the spot that is causing the pain could trigger this aggression. The thing to remember is that in this case the behavior is a protective one and the aggression is an inbuilt natural defense mechanism and the puppy should never be punished for displaying this type of response. Aggression brought on by overly severe punishment is another case when the puppy owner is to blame for the animal's behavior. If a dog receives a punishment that causes it pain there are two ways that it can react; one is by aggressively striking back at its master in self-defense (a reaction most often seen in dogs that are very dominate), and the other is running away, hiding or assuming a submissive posture in front of its master. No pet should ever be subjected to punishment that causes severe pain. Not does excessive punishment send a confusing message to the puppy but it is also completely counter productive and it can lead to the dog having an instinctive fear of all humans that can lead to more aggressiveness towards everything. If the master behaves well then chances are that their puppy will also grow up well behaved.

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