Puppy Playing Outdoor

Full playing liberty in private
You can do and let anything be done in your garden. And for your dog the garden is his promised land of his little personal liberties: without a collar, without having to be lying down, or staying still because it might disturb his owners.

How to convert his garden into a canine paradise
A garden for dogs must have the following conditions: puppy playing
Fenced, for the dog not to spread his field of games out of limit, as big as possible if it's a puppy. Your dog will learn to respect the limit of the fencing with the next trick: hang on the internal part of the fencing, a meter long more or less, a string with colorful plastic strips tied onto it. It will almost always be the first try out to jump the rope, for the noise of the strips being tangled will scare him away from trying in the future. Having Grass, so the dogs can play and practice sports.

Having the margins spiked, so it wont be an invitation to dig in them. As a basic rule every dog must know how to distinguish between a permitted zone and a prohibited zone. Not have dangerous zones, like animal traps or gardening tools, you should withdraw them from the game field. Many dogs consider the gardening work their masters have done like an invitation to play with or in it: thy jump around the sprinkler, make holes in the floor, almost in the same place where we are digging with the hoe, and don't stop biting at the hose. This all may be funny but it doesn't stop it from being dangerous.

Basic Rule: only the dogs that don't consider gardening a game can stay, the rest must leave the garden.

Other things to keep in mind when your puppy is playing
Natural made Fences and Walls give a home to many small animals and birds and let them lay a nest there. Make sure that your dog can t cause any harm. Getting dirty with excrement can be avoided if you educate your dog to <announce it> on time (like in the house). Then take him to the usual place or prepare him a place in the garden. Note: its very unlikely that a normal dog will return home clean from the outside, no matter the time. Familiarize the dog with cleanliness from the first time he finds himself in front of the door: with a rag (have it always their usable in front of the door) you clean most of the dirt off his paws and stomach; with another you wipe his muzzle to dry it (a lot are sensitive to this). For the dog to get used to this, carry out the task even when he doesn't arrive dirty.

Wonderful world for playing puppies

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