Puppy Privation Syndrome

The average of puppy privation syndrome disturbance is much higher in puppies raised in pounds. That's why it is sometimes called "pound disease".Basically affects only puppies. Privation means lack of stimulus. Puppies suffering from it have been raised in poor conditions of stimulation (noises, lights, sounds, images). They are dogs mainly raised in very poor conditions like a rural zone, and that are suddenly taken into a rich environment like a city that unsettle them. The "citizen" that has bought a dog in one of these zones is getting an ideal "target". Arriving at home with the owner is a huge shock for the puppy and everything is a source of anxiety. He cannot get the appropriate attitude to face the new situation. His feelings are too strong in relation with the situation, and lack of understanding arises between dog and owner. In fact his first reaction is to refuse to go out with his owner, which dislikes the latter. The first pathologic signs appear between four and six months. The dog has a permanent fear of noises and images of his new environment, cause he is not use to them. Therefore, the importance of the phase where the puppy must contact new stimulation.

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