Puppy Questions & Answers. Why Dog Yawn, Lick, Dream, Time.

Why does my Dog yawn? Dogs yawn for the same reason we do: because they are tired, bored or just because they saw someone else do it. But dogs also yawn when they are nervous or feel like we are pressurizing them to much. If your dog starts yawning during his training you should probably be a little more understanding and not pressure him so much.

Why do puppies lick us? Dogs lick people when they like them. Puppies learn this gesture from their mothers, when they lick them from head to toe. They feel protected and cared for when being licked, and when they lick their mother, it means that they are hungry. Some of these childhood gestures are never forgotten, that's why some adult dogs still lick their human family to show affection.

Do dogs dream?Puppy Questions & AnswersApparently dogs dream as well. We frequently see them wagging their tail while sleeping, wrinkling their nose and even growling at times. Some even move all 4 legs as if they were running. But we will never really know what they dream about.

Why do dogs have such big teeth? Dogs are omnivorous animals. This means that they can eat both meat and veggies. Wild canines have to hunt for their food. And that's why they have such large pointy teeth shaped like a hook that are called "canines" to be able to bite on their prey and tear it. Different than us their molars are for grinding the bones and muscles, and instead ours are for chewing.

Do dogs know what time it is? Although unable to read the time of a watch or even carry one, dogs measure the time very well. There are some very smart dogs that know when its meal time or when their owners are about to come home from school or work. Some dogs just know when some one dear to them is about to arrive and they wait patiently at the door until they arrive. And there are other dogs that wake up their owners at the same time every day of the week (which can be extremely useful… except on weekends).

Can dogs recognize people? Yes. Dogs have an extremely good memory and can recognize people and dogs by their smell. They can recognize people that they haven't seen in a long time and even people that they have only seen a couple of times. There stories that dogs have found their way home because they remember the way perfectly.Why do dog's bite?

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