Puppy Health Care & Needs

Puppy's Health: Your puppy's best protection against a small health problem developing into a life threatening situation is you, the puppy owner. Your intimate knowledge of your puppy's body, vital signs, eating, drinking and bathroom habits all make you the very first line of defense against potential problems. Here are some things that you as the puppy's owner can look for during your daily interaction you're your puppy or when grooming it etc…

Puppy's nose: Puppy's noses are often a very clear indicator of their health. As long as their nose is soft, moist and appears normal then you haven't much to worry about. However if you find that your puppy's nose is dry and the skin is flaking or it has as red or off colored appearance then it is best to take your little pooch to the veterinarian for a check up.

Puppy paws: You should form a daily habit of checking your puppy's little paws. What you want to check for is if any if your puppy's nails are broken and to make sure there aren't any foreign objects stuck in its paws. Be sure to check well in between the puppy's toes as well, to make sure there aren't any cuts or open wounds or swollen spots. If you ever find any serious or painful lesions it is very important that you take the puppy to the veterinarian.

Puppy dog colds and complications: Puppies like humans and most animals are susceptible to colds and flues. If a puppy's cold is not well treated it can develop into more serious things like pneumonia, bronchitis, pulmonary congestion or asthma. One of the clearest signs that your puppy is suffering from a cold is if it is continuously licking and cleaning its nose with its tongue. Normally bronchial infections are a result of an infection in the respiratory system, infectious disease, pneumonia or a prolonged exposure to the cold, not being dried off properly or being exposed to currents of cold air. Bronchial infection can also result when the puppy inhales irritating powder or smoke. If your puppy is sick the accompanying symptoms are often, fast shallow breathing, an elevated body temperature, lose of appetite and excessive nasal secretion. If your puppy is sick, you must keep it from getting chilled and especially keep its chest warm. Consult your puppy's veterinarian as soon as you puppy gets sick or beings coughing.

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