Puppy's liver: Liver problems are usually the fault of a poor or bad diet. There are also quite a few other things that can adversely affect the liver, such as: infectious diseases, internal parasites, inflammation, etc… If you suspect that your puppy is ill the best thing to do is take it to the veterinarian so that it can have a complete and thorough check up. There really is no way for an normal person that is lacking the medical knowledge and equipment to properly and accurately diagnose a puppy that has a liver problem or other internal problem.

Puppy urine: It is not uncommon for a puppy to urinate outside of its designated area and if it does you must not automatically assume that the puppy has a problem. However if you find that your puppy is having problems with excessive urination or will not go in the designated location then it is probable that your puppy is having urinary problems. Some of the reasons for urinary problems are: diabetes, kidney problems and urinary tract infections.
Take your puppy to the veterinarian if the problem persists.

Puppy vomiting: There are different kinds of vomiting and different reasons why puppies vomit. It could be that your puppy ate something rotten or something it ate didn't agree with it. It is natural for dogs to vomit sometimes without any apparent reason. In fact sometimes a puppy that is experiencing gastrointestinal problems will eat grass to induce vomiting.
If your puppy should vomit more than once in a day you need to watch it carefully for any further symptoms. Normally vomiting is a problem that will just go away on its own. However if there is persistent vomiting and it continues for more than a few hours, you will want to take your puppy to the veterinarian.
Any time your puppy vomits blood, it should receive immediate veterinary attention.

Puppy diarrhea: There are so many different reasons for a puppy suffering diarrhea that to correctly diagnose problem requires the help of a veterinarian. A puppy's diarrhea could be caused by something a simple as eating something bad or it could be something serious like a viral infection, bacterial infection, intestinal parasites, intestinal infection or a host of other reasons. Even stress can play a big part in how well your puppy's system is working.
If your puppy is suffering from severe diarrhea, you need to get them to the veterinarian right away. In the meantime try and have the puppy drink lots and lots of water mixed with a little salt to rehydrate their body. Dehydration is one of the biggest problems associated with diarrhea.
If the diarrhea has blood in it you should contact the veterinarian immediately.

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