Puppy School & Equipment

There are training courses for puppies, and the puppy schools are just as fun for the puppies and their masters. And if the course is a good one they won't have any trouble in teaching you and you're family to train your dog on your own while in the house. Plus these classes give the puppies an opportunity to meet other dogs their age and to make friends. Some courses even include recess and it gives the dogs a chance to run loose and play with each other. This recess time is very good because it gives the dog a chance to learn how to behave in a social life and how to enjoy themselves in the company of others. If you want your dog to assist these kinds of courses ask your vet they might have a list of courses that are done by colleagues. It is also possible that one of your neighbors can recommend you to one that is not very far from home and can assure you that they're always fun. Dog schools normally accept very young dogs, as long as they've taken all their vaccinations. Your puppy of course must be used to wearing a collar so he can be walked along with a leash when assisting. When going to classes you must always take the right candies and treats to reward him when necessary.

dog bedA bed for Dog: All dogs must have they're own bed. This can be made of plastic and with a blanket on top, or be made of a padded cloth or even a littledog houseto sleep in. Even a big cardboard box works. It would be wise to place it in a small quiet corner away form the activity of the house where he can go to when tired and not be bothered. Some dogs like to bite away at their bed or blanket. Wickerdog bedsin basket shape apparently are the most appetizing, but it would be dangerous for them to chew on them so it would be advisable to choose a different kind of material. Your puppy must sleep in his own bed… not in yours! Maybe in the beginning you will feel tempted to sleep with him, but imagine one of those huge dogs kicking you out of bed every night. The Collar and leash

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