Puppy Dog Eyes

new born eyes of a puppyAll dogs are born blind. In fact a puppy dog's eyes are so shut that they can't see absolutely anything till their eyes start opening very slowly which happens at least after the second week. When their eyes do open they start seeing every thing very fussy but after a while it starts clearing up, they can see their mother and siblings and everything around them. The eyes of the puppy dogs are more sensitive to light and to movement compared to ours, but they notice the outline with less clarity than we do. Your puppy can detect the smallest insect in the grass as long as it moves but if it stays completely still he won't even notice it. There are some canine breeds that are near sighted just like some that have it very well developed. It also depends on the way they've been raised, for example the Afghan hound has his eyes very separate lieyes01ke on the sides of his head and has a better coverage than the Bulldog that has his eyes closer together.

At sunrise and sunset or where ever there is little light the dogs can see much better than us. Their eyes have fewer cells capable of distinguishing colors; which makes them see in scales of grey. Dog tears, but they don't cry like we do, their tears are to clean their eyes, keep them moist and avoid them from drying. Dogs have one eyelash more than what we have, well this one is not to visible you only can see it when the dog is sick, it protect his eye it's like a curtain it shuts horizontally.

A puppy's earsear: Any one that has a dog will know that the slightest noise even a rattle of a cookie bag will wake them up, this illustrates till what point their ears are sensitive, wolves and other wild canines need a very fine ear to track down their prey, to protect their families and to communicate between themselves. Puppies are born deaf, a couple of days later they can only hear strong sounds and in the next weeks they can hear better than what we can. A healthy teenage dog can detect sounds in six hundredths of a second, that's just about four times better than what we can. Dogs can also do some thing that we can't; they can close their inner ear that helps them to concentrate on one sound without getting distracted Touch, heat and fresh

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