Puppy Safety -bringing home a new puppy

Bringing home a new puppy: There are some types of rascally and curious behaviors that bring a puppy into dangerous situations and on other occasions the owner himself or herself, without knowing it, exposes the puppy to. One of the first measures you need to take is to close the doors and windows so that the puppy does not accidentally escape. If you have a balcony in your home, you must make sure to cover the spaces the puppy could fall through with a wire mesh to prevent an accident from happening. Another thing that we often times take for granted are electric cables on the ground that puppies are really attracted to since they are fun to chew on. Make sure to cover these or remove them to make sure the puppy does not get electrocuted. Make sure you check there isn't anything the puppy could pull on, such as a tablecloth etc, which could fall on his head, or that there aren't any sharp corners or angles of doors, or furniture that could hurt thepuppy. Make sure whenever closing a door, the puppy is not behind you going through the door right at that moment to avoid it from getting squished. Pay special attention the puppy's eyes, especially if it is one of the breeds that have big bulging eyes. Make sure that its eyes are protected from getting scratched with branches in the garden etc. If bringing home a new puppy, please be very careful with small objects you leave around the house or outside that the puppy could swallow and choke on such as buttons, coins, balls, needles, etc and anything that could be harmful. Never leave cleaning products at the puppy's reach. Some of the cleaning products you should avoid having around are domestic or gardening insecticides, because they are toxic and are very dangerous if a puppy were to drink them. Bleach, which is something we all have in our homes, should be put in a high, out of reach place. Bleach is a toxic and corrosive chemical and if a puppy were to accidentally drink it, it could cause serious burns in its mouth and of all the digestive system, causing a great deal of pain. Be careful too, that the puppy does not walk on bleach, as it can cause burns on the pads of the feet.

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