Puppy Separation Anxiety

Over sensible puppies can suffer the so called separation anxiety, a conduct pathology produced by the dog's inability to run his own life when the owner is absent. It may have different signs: for instance, chewing objects or defecating the house when the owner is not there, or driving crazy his trainer while learning the wait! order, these dogs are unable to learn.If the puppy is particularly stubborn to this concrete exercise, the problem will probably is caused by separation anxiety. In this case, try to do it in your house, instead of outdoors. Order him lie down-wait!, go away some meters from him, and without leaving the room, sit to read your newspaper. So the dog won't feel you are abandoning him at an unknown place, and will probably understand that the only thing you want from him is to stay quiet where he is. When he learns this in a familiar atmosphere, probably he will do the same outside. Attention: separation anxiety is a serious problem, so better consult an specialist in canine behavior to prevent it gets worse.

New Sporting Activities
Between five and nine months, puppies can start sporting activities for dogs like agility, fly-ball, free-style, etc. The only precaution to keep in mind is that to start jumping, he must have one year. Meanwhile, agility dogs can start doing some other activities like tunnels and slalom. For jumping is necessary the puppy has one year and his muscular and skeleton development is completed.

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