Puppy Separation Anxiety

Puppies must be taught how to handle being left alone and deal with separation anxiety. In other words they need to learn to be alone for a determined amount of time and not cry. There are puppy owners that constantly hug and cuddle their puppies and that insist on carrying them around their house, always calling them to come be with them, etc. All of these things makes the puppy feel that his role is to accompany the owner at all times permanently, which then causes the puppy to become completely dependent on his owner. When a puppy that is used to this kind of treatmentis then left alone, even if it is just for a few minutes, he experiences a great deal of anguish that rapidly turns into desperation causing the puppy to cry and bark in anguish. The types of psychological changes the puppy experiences happen when he feels abandoned, meaning he has created a state of dependency of his owner. Gradual and periodic separations when the puppy and owner are in the home contribute to help the puppy not create a dependency on his owner. A puppy needs to be taught to remain in another place of the house even when the owner is in the house too. This can be done by practicing for just a few minutes and by then gradually increasing the time you leave the puppy alone sporadically until the puppy feels and becomes completely sure that he is not going to get abandoned by his owner and know that you will always come back to him. Doing this, will modify the dependent and anxious behavior the puppy had.

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