Puppy Sit Training

Teaching a puppy to sit: Training a puppy to sit still for anything is one of the biggest challenges facing any puppy owner. Puppies are by their nature playful, lively and even a little rebellious. But it for the safety of both the puppy and those around it, teaching it to behave and submit to your commands is very important. Two of the most important commands to teach a puppy are "Sit and "Down" and a puppy that responds obediently to these two basic commands is a joy both to have and to be around. Your puppy will most likely not take kindly to your trying to limit its freedom and get it to stay still but as long as you are kind and patient with a little work and training, even the most rambunctious puppy can be taught these basic commands. Dogs have an inbuilt desire to please their masters and see them happy so be sure to use this and be effusive with your praise and gratitude whenever your puppy behaves and is obedient.It is a good idea to always put the puppy's collar and leash on it before each training session. This will not only make it easier for you to control the puppy during your training times but it will be a signal to the puppy that school is about to begin. Start by standing a couple of feet in front of the puppy and with a treat in your outstretched right hand call the puppy to you and as it approaches you move the treat slightly up and over the puppy's head. The puppy should follow the treat with its head and as it moves its head up this will force its back end down. Continue to move your hand up and back over the puppy's head until your puppy's bottom touches the floor. Just as the puppy's bottom is about to touch the floor say "Sit" and then treat it and be sure show your gratitude for a job well done. Repeat this a number of times and always right before the puppy's touches the floor say, "Sit." Practice until your puppy dog obeys the command "Sit" even without adog food treat.

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