Puppy Socializing. Travel & Waste Elimination

We all have social gathering at some point, such as birthday parties, family reunions, cocktails etc in our homes. Usually when these types of reunions take place, a new puppy will feel scarred and might even react aggressively to new people. It's every owner's job to take care of this and train their dog to learn to be sociable with guests.

Vehicle Travels: If you need to travel by car with your dog, be sure to start out slowly and practicing in places that are close to your home. There are puppies and dogs that get very nervous because of the movement in the car, the sound of the engine, honking, etc. Your dog must be taught little by little how to behave in a car.

As was previously mentioned, having a dog implicates a great deal of responsibility, and educating and training your dog is essential for the well being and interaction of both the dog and owner, as well as other animals that may live in the house. In order to accomplish it is necessary to:

  • Define who is in charge. If your dog seems to be having problems with wanting to dominate you, you can grab him by the mouth or his neck and push him downward. This can be done at the first attempt of aggression that you see. If you let it pass however, it can get more difficult. The idea of this is that he learns to submit to you.
  • Establish firm rules about meal times such as if your dog will eat alone, after you (his owner) eats, in a separate place from his owner etc.
  • Design a specific place for your dog to sleep in your house, and teach him which places in the house he is allowed to go into and which places are off limits.
  • Teach your dog where the correct place to eliminate waste is. In order to achieve this, you must take the dog to that designated spot after every meal, after he has drunk water, after his playtime, and after he has slept. After the dog has achieved this, you can reward him. If at any moment you find your dog doing his needs in an off limits place, it's convenient to lift him up and place him in the correct spot.

Remember: If the place that you chose for your dog to eliminate his wastes is in a public area, remember that it is your responsibility as the dog's owner to pick up your dog's wastes and throw them in their correspondent place so they do not contaminate the environment.

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