Puppy Teeth Care

The Structure of a Tooth: The tooth is located in a "hole" called alveolus. As ours, the interior of the tooth is formed by the pulp, that infected, produces pulpitis. His pulp is covered by dentin and enamel. The internal part is the root, and the external the crown. All human techniques are good as well for dogs, cause structures are the same.The Growing of Teeth:There is a milk denture (denture of young animals) that is immediately followed by adult's denture. There will be only two teeth. An adult tooth that falls, will not be replaced. The puppy tends to swallow the milk teeth when they fall down, that's why you can never find them. The first incisors, as well as canines, appear between two to three weeks. At the fourth week, the milk dentition ends, with exception of the last molar; it's completed at 6 weeks. At four months adult canines appear, and at five months come out the adult fangs. Dentition ends between 6 and 7 months. When teeth come out, a gingivitis may arise. Then a red edge can be seen over the gums. The dog can salivate and bite. A soft alimentation must be given to him to avoid pains in mastication. A sedative or an ice cube may be administrated.

Teeth Cleansing: Use specific toothpaste for dogs, not those of humans. The most used product is a paste that is applied with some sort of a thimble. There are also pills.

He must get used, since his early age, to accept teeth cleansing:

  1. hold his head placing your hand over his neck
  2. slide the teeth brush by one side of the jaw (if not he will bite the brush)
  3. don't use too much toothpaste (if not he will salivate)

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