Puppy Trainer for First Time Puppy Owner

A thought for dog owners:Often times the owner of a dog is responsible for the dog getting stuck because of his or her lack of knowledge or not knowing how to handle his or her dog. However, many of these dogs react differently and favorably when they change dog trainers. In these cases the dog trainer must ask himself what he has done wrong so as to not limit his dog from further training. The trainer must ask himself if he was really able to understand the dogs needs and if he really feels close and respects his dog. Dogs are able to feel the hidden feelings that people have. When this happens, the communication between the two breaks and this is why it is important the owner and the dog become agood team together. We should also point out that the distance between the language a human speaks and the perception the dog receives, influence in this perception the elements that are generally not taken into account. The body language, gestures, tones of voice, mental concentration etc all allow the dog to know a little more about us and are perceived by the dog.
Some dogs that have a hard time advancing with their training are those with weaker personalities. This should be an indicator to the trainer that he lacks comprehension and that the dog is not getting the attention he needs. There are also dogs with very strong personalities that actually psychologically over come the dog trainer and that do not listen to the trainer even when he yells at the dog. It is possible to bond with a dog and this is down when the dog trainer is aware that the dog is an individual, not only one of instincts, but that there is actually stimulus that causes the dog to react a certain way whether they be external or internal.

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