Puppy Training

As soon as you take a new puppy to your house, don't wait any longer, it is better to begin training him. Teach your dog the rules before he starts acting on his own.

All the members of your family ought to be in charge of the puppy while he learns to wear his collar and leash, to eat alone in his own bowl, to come when he is called and to obey when he is ordered to. However, only one member of the family should be responsible for the dog's education.

Learning Respect
In his new home, the puppy should learn to obey the family, so all of the family members should come in contact with him.

Learning To Wait
Puppies have to learn that people eat before they do and that, therefore, they are the dominant ones.

Positive Persuasion
In order to teach your puppy which activities are allowed and which ones are not, it is better to use a food incentive instead of a punishment.

His bed as a Refuge
It isn't convenient to isolate the puppy from the rest of the family, because dogs are curious and sociable animals and they will feel rejected. A dog's bed should be placed in a lively place, like for instance in a corner of the kitchen or dining room.

People First
Naturally dogs will want to be the first in everything, like passing through doors, going out to the street, etc. If you teach your puppy to wait until you pass first, you'll be reaffirming your authority. If he can't understand that point, his education will be very difficult.

Biting out of Curiosity
Puppies recognize their environment by means of the taste of things and they playfully bite things, but you must impose discipline by firmly saying "no".

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