Puppy Training Potty

Part ofpotty training puppyis tohelp your pup learn where to urinate is by placing a newspaper that has some of the puppy's urine in the correct spot. Some people cover the whole area they place their puppy in with newspaper and this is actually not very convenient as this will only motivate the puppy to do his needs wherever he wants and not in the exact spot you want. Giving the puppy a little spot will help him realize that this small spot is the place you want him to use. In general, a puppy's own instinct takes him to the same spot he urinated in before and smelling his own urine also causes him to react to it. Make sure to never reprimand your puppy by physically punishing him if he were to have an accident or slip. A simple change of tone in your voice will let him know and realize that you are not happy about his behavior. Some people put their puppy's face in the urine to teach them not to urinate there again and this is an absolutely ridiculous way of handling it. This is a very dirty and anti hygienic way of handling the situation and it does not work. Not all dogs learn potty training in the same lapse of time, and for this reason it is important tobe very patient and persistent, even though you will have to get up during the first few nights to train him. This is but one of the prices we need to pay in order to have a well educated pooch. If you intend to teach your puppy to do his needs out of your home, make sure you don't allow him to do them on public sidewalks, since this is uniquely property of the people that walk on them. Dogs are generally allowed to do their needs beside a tree but you must take a little bag to then pick up the dog's poop and then throw away. It's very common for little puppies to urinate when they are excited due to happiness, or when they get scared. In these cases there is little you can do but to wait for the puppy to grow a little and gain control, since this is not a voluntary action. Depending on the type of puppy, this type of behavior can take more or less time.

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