Free Puppy Training Tips

When a puppy enters your life it is a thing that brings happiness and becoming a new puppy owner can be a beautiful experience. Using our free puppy training tips, you will see in your puppy's eyes the beginning of a new friendship as you begin to educate and train your puppy to be happy, obedient and emotionally stable. The first few months of a puppy's life are one of the most important stages in the growth and development of the puppy. Remember that when a puppy is separated from its mother, brothers and the environment it was accustomed to, its whole world is completely changed and the puppy brought into an entirely new one. The owner's responsibility is to make this transition as smooth and free of trauma as possible, otherwise it could have serious emotional consequences on the little pooch. Since dog's life spans are shorter than humans they learn and develop at a much morerapid pace than their human counterparts. This is why it is so important that a puppy's training and education begins the moment it arrives at your home. If you are sure to do this then you will avoid your puppy from developing bad habits and behaviors that will cause you many headaches later on. Before bringing any new puppy into your home make sure to have everything ready for its arrival. This means a quiet area where the puppy has its bed (with a couple of simple "comfy" toys), an area for it to eat and drink in safety and a place for it to use the bathroom (that isn't too close to its bed). When you first bring the puppy into your home it is best to try and avoid handling it and touching it excessively at least for the first few hours or day. This is to allow it some time to overcome the traumatic shock of being rudely separated from its mother and siblings and transported into a strange new world. The new puppy will most likely not arrive potty trained and that means that from the start it is imperative that you teach it the proper place to use the bathroom.

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