Puppy Training Without Punishment

Puppy calling exercise must be repeated two or four times daily. To answer the call must be a joyful reason for the puppy. Never punish him if he delays in obeying, cause going with his owner must be always a satisfaction for him. If he does not obeys, then you can pull swiftly the leash to attract his attention, but when he arrives, praise and reward him.Once a perfect result is obtained with the leash, we can start without it in safe places, without danger or distractions.

Sitting: Sitting is a natural position the dog adopts spontaneously many times a day. Start saying him Sit! each time you see he's going to sit down; so he will start to relate the order with the position.

After some time, start the training: hold him by the collar with one hand (or placing the hand beneath the throat to keep the head up), at the same time place your other hand on his croup and order him Sitting!. As soon as the puppy sits, praise and reward him. Repeat the exercise two or four times a day, till he can do it by his own.

Lie Down: There are many ways to teach the dog to lie down when ordered. The easiest, if a puppy, is to sit him down, catching his front legs with your hands, extending them forward smoothly.

While you place him in that position, order him "on the floor".

The Importance of Rewards: When this exercise is finished, though you placed him in that position, praise him as well. Rewarding is always better than restriction.

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