Puppy Walking - Puppy Walk

Walking your puppy will require you to teach your puppy to not chase automobiles, bicycles, motorcycles, horses etc. and the puppy also needs to learn to not react aggressively toward people, since these types of manifestations can be a consequence of their lack of trust of people the puppy fears causing him to growl, bark, or even attack in some occasions because of fear. A fearful dog can transform into an impulsive biter. In all of these cases, the dog must be passively punished with a "No, No, No" "Easy boy, Easy", in order to calm him down. You should talk a lot to your puppy and teach him to notice everything that is happening around him in order to catch his attention. Doing this will help the puppy more of an intellectual development and be able to better communicate with his owner. Take your puppy or dog out to all kinds of places such as public parks, plazas, train stations, shopping areas, etc so that the puppy becomes used to perceivingand discerning all of the sounds, assimilating the messages, and getting used to the diverse type of situations that occur all the time. Try to go to as many different types of places as you can when taking your puppy out on a walk. Get him used to grassy areas, rocky areas, sandy places, etc so that his paws get firm and for his nails to remain short. You should also try to get him to learn little tricks like jumping over little obstacles, walking, running, etc so that he gets the needed exercise and especially so in the case of breeds that have a need to do a lot of running around everyday. Exercise is not for some only though, all puppies and dogs need it. It is considered cruel and unhealthy to keep a dog locked up in the house or apartment all day and even more so if the you live in a place with carpets. All dogs, big or small must get out of the house everyday. If your puppy is still very small and in the middle of getting his vaccinations, you can take him out by carrying him in your arms. However it is not recommended you take him to places where there are a lot of other dogs or puppies such as plazas or parks. If you want to let him walk, let him walk on the sidewalk.

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