Purchasing a dog and their Equipment

Long term living with a dog will be gratifying only when the animal feels happy. This is why it is necessary to choose the right dog and the best equipment for it.

The Purchasing of a Dog: A family consists of many different members, each member having their own opinion and their own idea of a "dream dog", so you may need to think over several times what type of dog you are going to purchase, and which best suits your situation. You must include all the members of your family in the decision-making if you want everyone to be in agreement and happy with the dog of your choice. This is specially important when dealing with adult dogs from a pound, since they can establish a spontaneous union with the person who has freed it, creating problems with the other family members trying to get close. Pure bred dogs may be purchased in kennels, from breeders. You can ask for more information on that matter in the Canine Societies. Amateur breeders must sell popular dogs as well as those that aren't wanted. They put up advertisements on the newspapers as "dogs for sale". In pounds you will find incredible dogs of all ages, just waiting for somebody to give them a home.

Puppies or grown up dogs? The younger you acquire a dog, the more affection you'll feel towards him, as he learns to be devoted to you from a young age, you will learn to grow attached to each other. A good age to acquire a dog is at the 10-12 weeks of age.

A young dog or puppy requires a lot of time, during the first half year. The owner of the dog must be aware of this and do the best he can to give him the time and attention he needs. In a way they are a lot like small children, they demand to be the center of attention, and they want you to be aware of where they are, at all times and they want to be told what to do, it's part of making them feel that they're cared for. They demand you to attend them right away. But think about it this way, it is a very crucial time in it's training, the more you familiarize with the puppy, the easier it will be to relate in the future. So take advantage of the time you spend with him, in a dogs life one day counts as maybe a week or even a month. In addition, dogs don't have half as much interest in learning and growing up then in their first stages of their life.

A grown up dog can seem to be less challenging and problematic at first, it might be a bit cleaner, calmer, and it's habits have already been established as he has overcome the stage of "childishness". But when you think about, it will take you more effort to relate to him, since it's vices and virtues have formed it's personality. The dog need to adapt to a new owner, new people and learn to live with them. To help it, in this case, it requires a whole lot of patience and perceptive understanding. In consequence i recommend adult dogs only to someone who has experience dealing with dogs.

Why Buy a Dog from a Breeder?

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