Dog Rabies Virus

It's hard to find someone who is not afraid of the word "rabies". This disease caused by a virus affects both animals and humans, and almost always leads to death. There are some known cures but no one should rely on them just because they exist. When contagion takes place, the first symptoms appear anywhere between a week and a couple months after having been involved or in contact with a rabid dog., Unluckily, however, they are rare. There is barely a furious irritation along with an impulsive desire to bite and a compulsive attitude. Nowadays, most rabid dogs seem to go through a stage of torpidity which later goes on to be a paralysis starting in the lower jaw. After that, the dog will start spluttering saliva and change his voice.Above all else, I advise my readers to keep a calm attitude, at the tiniest suspicion of rabies, immediately get in touch with your veterinarian!! These case, however, are not usually attended by local veterinarians, but they will, naturally, advise you on how to go about the situation and will inform the veterinarian authorities at the public administration.

Important: The preventive vaccine is very effective and harmless. I advise you to turn to it as soon as there is a risk of rabies in your neighborhood or surroundings.

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