Raising Puppy - The art of raising a puppy

During the first 4 weeks, the mother will take care of the raising the puppies by herself: she will feed them and clean them. You will have to see that all of the puppies are drinking milk, anyway. There is always a weak pup in a litter, which is isolated by its siblings. You will have to feed it with a baby bottle if necessary. During the first 10 days of lactation, the milk the pups drink plays a vital part in their development and immunity. Watch the mother to learn the art of raising a puppy.Puppy development: Puppies first open their eyes after 10 days of being born, and then start watching and analyzing the world that surrounds them,. Least shy pups will be the firsts to get out of the basket and explore.

From the 5th week, the mother starts to feel annoyed by the pups that hurt her with their teeth and nails. This is when they need to be fed with something other than milk.

From the 6th week the first check for parasites must be done. The second one has to be done during their 8th week, to start with vaccinations. After 8-9 weeks you can start giving the pups away.

Giving the pups away: It is terribly sad to be separated from the pups you know from the moment they were born. You have two possibilities: you can call your vet and ask them to put an ad in their waiting room, or you can do the same at your pet shop. You can also call a shelter and you will be advised about the things you have to do to give away your pups through newspaper ads. Our advice: Do not give a dog away just lie that and for free! Something that does not cost anything will hold no value to the new owner. Calculate the costs of food and vet and ask for a bit more than that, so the new owner will value the animal. Advise the new owner to identify the dog with a tattoo or a microchip.

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