Rebellious Puppy Dog Behavior

The period of the "rebel teenager" is one of the most complicated, and can mark the difference between a self secure dog and an unpredictable. Let's talk about the correct way of facing it, which in no case means a physical confrontation that will surely give victory to the animal.Luckily, things in the pack do not work this way. A firm and strong reaction is the best way to handle his provocation, not showing the slightest sign of fear. Let's have a practical example: if the dog growls the owner when ordered to get down of the sofa, the latter should not go back, but walk forward, looking at his eyes firmly (is a defiant and dominance gesture), and ordering to him Down!, insisting till he obeys. If he has no intention of obeying, then catch him by the collar, and pull him down, to show him who rules. Generally, a firm voice, fixed looking and dominance position of the owner, are enough for him to learn he cannot do what he wants. Is very important for him to note his owner's power. The voice's tone must be determined and calm. Hysteric and noisy tones, specially shouting usually lead dogs to believe his is feared (which is normally true). Physical punishments are only necessary in extreme cases. Besides hitting a dog till he howls is worthless. A hit on the snout or buttocks will be enough to make it clear who is in command. Another factor not to be forgotten is that as soon as the dog accepts the ruling, obeying or through subordination rituals (to give a paw, lying upside down), we should consider this matter settled. In the canine world there are no sad faces, hates or long term punishment, that the dog cannot understand. A disobedience episode ends when both parts accept their roles. To be resented with the dog will only disturb him. The animal will feel his owner has no psychological strength, and he would try to do it again later.

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