Reeducation of Behavior Disturbances in Dogs

In this part we will explain the main principles of reeducation, without talking of specify treatments, that should be ordered by a veterinary in a case by case basis.

Reeducating Behavior: There are two methods: those that eliminate a misbehaviors, and those that tend to discover a pleasant attitude. Both methods are not opposite, but complementary.

The Start of Disappearance: There are also different ways to obtain this.

Punishment: He must respect determined rules. Usually is a punctual solution:

  • punishment must end when the dog surrenders
  • must be fair enough
  • must be applied in the very moment of the bad attitude, never later
  • must not hurt the dog
  • must be systematic for the same fault
  • must be established at the beginning of education

Extinction: A negative behavior is canceled eliminating the cause. To reeducate a dog that destroys everything while the owner is absent, better cancel leaving rituals, like picking up keys.

Habit: Stimulus that produces unwanted behavior is provoked briefly with the purpose of normalizing his reaction, even if the stimulus is present. For example, if the dog fears a determined noise, reproduce it briefly so he gets used.

Insensibility: Stimulus usually is presented in small doses and gradually increased, but must never provoke reaction. If the dog reacts, stimulus must be reduced. For example, if the dog fears a determined noise, reproduce it very weakly at the beginning.

Counter conditioning: To the situation that starts a bad behavior is associated another behavior that can coexist at the same time. For instance, if the puppy fears a car passing by, play with him when a car is passing by.

Immersion: Place the animal in the situation that produces his abnormal behavior: for example, the hunter shoots his rifle in front of the dog that fears shots. This method should be used with the help of a professional that will follow his reactions.

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