Refrigerated and frozen dog food

Legally we cannot preserve frozen foods for animals in the same refrigerator that contains food for human; their delivery is limited to clients as proprietors of kennels or establishments of greyhounds. The product is a mixture of meats and chopped viscera, generally pre-cooked. The nutritious value varies with the composition although it usually corresponds to lungs and stomach, with a wide content in vitamins if something of liver is included. We conserved refrigerated food with chemical products as sodium sulfate. Its preservation to the temperature of the one refrigerated (about 4ยบ C) is up to two weeks. These products sold in animal stores have form of blocks or sausages chopped materials. They sometimes offer meat pieces or viscera with jelly in trays that can contain cereals. Frozen products as well as refrigerated products represent a potential hygienic risk unless all phases of preparation are controlled and storage carefully. This is due to represent a nutritious way in an easy access for bacterial growth if it reaches a normal environment temperature.

Recipes for Dogs

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