Relations Between Dog and Owner

It's important to know his behavior to be conscious of his dysfunction. However,this unique behavior does not help much to understand him totally. Relations with the owner must be respected generally. How? What little sand grain can stop this mechanism and induce animals to normal behavior? It's very important that along the socialization period, the dog contacts human to identify them.

How does the dog perceives the man?: A kid that crawls and does not understands the dog's language, is not considered dog or man. Then must be consider as a rare thing that must be destroyed, or something to fear, so better run away. A kid that walks, that answers to his language, that pets him, but not sexually mature, is perceived by a dog as a puppy. This means he can walk everywhere but under the dog's rule. When the kid becomes a teenager, and segregates sexual hormones, the dog sees him as a rival that can compete with him for dominant places. And the kid, is then the one that must confirm his authority. Once adult is considered a man with whom hierarchies must be settled at once. In this perception of men, two phases must be taken into account: Attraction phase, that starts at the third week, and during which puppies are open to all discoveries and findings aversion phase, that starts on the fifth week, and makes puppies fearful in front of new things. It's essential to consider that the dog always treats men as congeners, that are part of the pack. Besides dogs are a social organization based in hierarchy. Dominance and submission are the words that rule the dog-man relations.

At this point, you have already the basis to prevent conduct problems, but anyway, these can arise if there has been a mistake. Therefore, lets consider the diverse attitudes of behavior problems, and the methods created to correct them.

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