Reproduction in Dogs

Alongside the fact that many homeless dogs are sacrificed yearly, irresponsible and not planned dog reproduction is not justified. Facts and procedures are complex.
At what age are dogs sexually mature? There are some variations about it. Some female show the characteristic signs of reproduction activity, known as "heat" or "period", when only six months of age, but a vast majority reaches puberty after their first year. It is not normal to couple a female in her heat. In case of males, most of them reach maturity during the second half of their first year of age. Males of some breeds like hounds, may reach puberty before a female of their same litter, but usually mature a bit later than them. Normally, male dogs are not used as breeding animals, until they are at least one year old. It seems weather has to do with maturity age, and the company of other dogs helps to an early reproduction activity.

How can I recognize when my female dog shows signs of being in heat?

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