Repulsive Eating Habits

Feeding on Excrement (Coprophagy)
This is a disgusting habit, but animal excrement can be really nutritious for dogs. Rummaging through the excrement of some herbivorous animals (horses, rabbits or deer) is natural for some dogs, especially the Labrador and the Golden Retriever.

In order to get rid of this habit, use the normal obedience training. If you see the dog is interested in the excrement of an animal, give him the "no" order, if your dog picks it up with his mouth give him the order to "let go".

Feeding on Their Own Excrement
Eating their own or other dogs' excrement is more dangerous than eating other animal excrement. Your dog can acquire intestinal parasites or create a bacteria proliferation in his intestines, resulting in chronic diarrhea. Always pick up your dog's feces, but in order to help get rid of the problem, whenever you see a recent defecation (from other dog's) pour some spicy sauce on it.

Effective Dog Training
In order to become an effective trainer, your dog must consider you the leader of the pack. If your dog is the one that decides what and when he is going to eat or when you have to carry him in your arms, even the most submissive of dogs will consider himself the dominant member of the family.

Your dog will only obey you if you respect him. An analysis of how you behave with your dog will help you discover if you have set the bases for an effective training.

Basic Obedience Lessons
These lessons are mainly oriented to adult dogs although puppies are also accepted. They are usually given by experimented dog trainers and they teach you as well as your dog, the basics of canine obedience.

Advanced Training Lessons
Even though basic training is enough for most dogs, advanced classes will be able to teach you to have a greater control over your dog, and in turn, your dog will be more in control of his body.

When they teach you and your dog the enjoyment of canine agility, tracing, directed activity games and other canine exercises, advanced training will help you develop your relation with your dog

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