Responsibilities of Owning a Puppy Dog

Responsibilities of puppy dog owners: Remember that you and your family are getting a puppy to share your life next to him. So these things are very important to look into in order to not go through irreversible things later on. A baby puppy should not leave its mothers side before it is at least forty-five to sixty days old. Puppies are completely dependant on their mothers, since during these days the puppy receives from its mother some basic knowledge that is transmitted to the puppy by games that will build the base for the development of the existence and integration of the future life of the puppy. If a puppy is taken from its mother's maternal affection, care, and teachings, it can as a consequence cause the puppy to be hyperactive, and show little interest in relating to the people it is around. Puppies that have not had any interaction with their mothers adopt an overly jealous conduct with people, are shy, and are not easy to train. When getting a puppy, you are not only gaining a new friend but you are also gaining new obligations as well. These obligations include legal, health, and training. Whether you decide to get apure breed or a mixed, you will now have to fulfill all of the legal regulations by respecting your neighbors, making sure to take care of any damage or problems the puppy may cause, making sure the puppy does not disturb anyone and people living around you, that it does not bark all the time, and that it does not mess up the sidewalks, private places, and public walkways, and if and when it does, to clean it up. You must make sure to preserve the health of your puppy by always keeping on top of the de-worming schedules and vaccinations. This is not only to ensure your puppy stays healthy, but it is also important for the health of your children and family, as well as for anyone that comes into contact with the puppy. Another and very important obligation you now have is to provide your new puppy a stable home, where he is not lacking anything and where he is comfortable and has his own private space, protected from the cold, or heat.

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