Spend Time with Puppy. Importance of Mutual Respect

It's very important that you dedicate time to your puppy, but always remember to leave time to yourself. Even though you will have to leave him home while at school or out playing with your friends, this is not enough. Even while in the house you will have to leave him alone for a while you attend to house guests, chores or finish up homework. This is good for him, since this way he will have to time for himself and rest away from you. Take in account that in the first few month puppies need lots of sleep and rest, which means that they will need their own little bed in a quiet corner where no one will disturb him. If you never give him time to rest, your dog might be bothered, or even worse, get sick, so be sure to give him time to rest.

Mutual respect cuddling a puppy
Respect is the most important thing in a friendship. That means that good friends try to please each other, even when in disagreement. Your puppy needs you to respect him and needs to learn to respect you.

There are rules you must respect when playing with your pet. Pushing him, pulling him from his tail or ears, pinching him, or screaming at him are just not right and shouldn't be done. On other hand if he starts bothering you, all you have to do is stop paying attention to him, and do something else. If you don't feel safe with him or see that he is in a bad mood always ask for an adults help. Dogs can't tell us that they're too tired to play or just having a bad day and don't feel like it. So be patient.How dogs deal with new experiences

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