Risks Caused & Created from Predatory Instincts

The dog is born predator like his wolf ancestor. Domestic dogs are also predatory, if man does not feed them, he will get it hunting other animals. The predatory instinct in the dog is an instinctive impulse, which by definition, starts automatically, without the dog being able to "decide". That impulse induces to pursue, and in some cases bite and kill, everything with the shape and behavior of a prey. This hunting instinct in some breeds has been suppressed, but not totally eliminated; in others like hunting dogs has been increased. In working breeds a good level is maintained, because its useful for attacking exercises, that start biting a piece of cloth moving back and forward of his snout, simulating a prey's runaway. To realize this exercise with a company puppy is not suggested, because it stimulates predatory and possessiveness instincts in vain, although necessary for working dogs, are useless at home.

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