Rival Male Dogs Dog Pack Leader

When male rival dogs come into contact with each other, they adopt a lot of different postures and they interact with each other to discover and find out which one of them is able to win a competition. These types of encounters can sometimes imply violent games or a direct open fight if both dogs have the same or a similar amount of strength and this happens when neither of the two is willing to give in to the other. Violent fights can cause the dogs to have nasty wounds, but in their minds it is well worth the fight as this factor determines who has the right to mate.

I'm the important one here: When two male dogs want to show their power they lift their tails up as if defying each other and they have eye contact. Some dogs at this point will give in while others will just stiffen their bodies to let the other know that they are not giving up. A dog that knows how strong he is will often times jump on top of the other dog from behind. This action, which looks the same as when a male dog is mating with a female dog, is very offensive and other dogs do not like it at all, they will usually show their teeth and growl. There are many different positions and postures dogs stand in to show their power, not all of them adopt this type of position though. If there are other dogs around watching the show they might get in on the fight as well and sometimes take advantage of the situation by jumping on top of the other dogs. Often times younger dogs that do not have enough strength or experience will do this because they get excited with the competition and they want in on it too.

A beaten dog: A male dog that has taken control over a situation with another dog will make it obvious by lifting his head and showing his teeth. If the other dog feels insecure, he will put his tail lower down and his body posture will be lower than the other dogs.

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