Rules Especially for Puppies

When the puppy is between 10 to 14 months of age a good nutrition is very important, it helps it's skeleton develop strong healthful. Bad nutrition may give way to sicknesses. Besides the dog will learn how to create proper "eating habits" and not to whine for food. Young dogs need better nutrition than adults since growing up and gaining weight uses a lot of energy. Above all try to minister enough vitamins and minerals (specially calcium and phosphorus) and protein. All this is found precisely combined in specially prepared meals for puppies. This way the dog will get used to prepared food from a young age. You can feed the dog this way during the first year of it's life.

In the growing stage the need for energy and nutritious substances -in relationship with it's weight- is twice as much in a puppy as in an adult dog. Therefore you need to regularly weigh the puppy to make sure it's developing. When the dog is very small you can use a baby scale. To weigh a larger dog first you weigh it's owner and then you weigh him again carrying the dog. The difference is the dogs weight.

A Sick Dog

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