Dog Safety Rules for Hot Days

  • Fresh water must be present all through the year. But in summer drinking water must be constantly controlled and renewed frequently.
  • You shouldn't be worried if the dog eats less than in other seasons. Humans also eat less when its hotter.
  • Make sure your garden has a shaded area. Dogs enjoy laying in the sun, but they will eventually end up in the fresh shade.
  • You should walk your dog in the early morning or in the night. A walk in the midday sun isn't convenient for the dog or its owner.
  • When you have to leave your dog in the car make sure it's in the shade and that there's fresh air circulating. Inside a car can reach unbearable temperatures giving the dog a sunstroke.
  • Most dogs enjoy swimming in streams or lakes. It's necessary to dry the dog right after and make sure not to bother other swimmers.

Dogs and Children

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