Search and Rescue Dogs

The base oftraining a dog for rescue missionsis that they learn to capture the smell of the human body whether dead or alive.
The dogs that are chosen to rescue victims from earthquakes, fallen buildings, bridges, explosions, mud slides, fires etc. must be dogs that genetically have an excellent sense of selective smell and that are able to retain the characteristic odor of humans, which becomes more intense when these types of extreme situations occur.
The initial preparation for these dogs starts with basic training and then they follow a similar program taught to avalanche rescue dogs in places that are almost identical to real disasters such as in destroyed buildings, mines, fires, jagged edged obstacles, and many other things in order to consider all of the possibilities that could really occur in an emergency.
They need to get used to hearing people yelling, running from one place to the next, gas, fire, smoke, dust, projectors, crying, screaming etc.
Dogs that are not able to react calmly to these types of situations or that become defensive are not used since they pay more attention to their surrounding rather than to their specific job and it would only disorient these types of dogs.
These dogs don't only work to try to find people or victims but they pay a lot of attention to the sounds that people could emit such as banging coming from under the remains or voices. When they do find someone they let the rescuers know by barking and wagging their tail with excitement. When they are walking over disaster areas they need to control their body movements, and walk very carefully so as to not cause any movement of the debris where there could be victims. They must only alert the guides without digging or moving around too much.
The dogs that are chosen for this incredible work can be any type of breed as long as they have the required conditions for the program. They need to continually be stimulated and praised by their guides and trainers. This will allow them to work well together as a team.

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