Senses of a Newborn Puppy

Newborn puppies can't see or hear anything. This could make us think they use their smelling sense to find the mother's teat. But we can prove this is not true: we place the puppies on a table with a hot source (for example, a hot water bag), then we'll see them going towards it. This means they have two well developed senses, since birth: smelling and orientation towards warm places. When in warm places they feel safe, This explains why they are so comfortable lying on their mother's leg.Smelling serves to identify milk when hungry. When one of them wakes up and starts looking for the teats, with the typical "swimming" movement, almost always he will wake up his brothers, producing an authentic "race for milk". If there are enough number of teats, they will distribute them immediately, forming a row, ordered and silent, but when there are not enough teats (female dogs have eight, but usually only six produce milk), puppies will pile over them.

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