Sex related behavior problems in dogs

Sex related behavior problems in dogs: One very common complaint dog owners have is the bad habit their dogs have of humping inappropriate things such as people's legs, cushions, etc. This type of behavior is more commonly seen in male dogs, however, female dogs sometimes also behave this way when they are puppies; they do this to practice, and if they are dominating females they might be doing it because of a confusion of sex especially if they have been raised in a pack that was predominated by males. Male dogs that hump at anything usually stop this behavior when they reach sexual maturity which is at the age of six to twelve months depending on the breed. However, sometimes the dog continues on with this embarrassing habit.Usually neutering a dog stops the problem but there are also other things you can do before resorting to neutering such as giving the dog an injection which causes the dog's testosterone to be temporarily inactive. In some cases, if the dog just reached puberty and he has not had this problem for long, it's possible that a hormone injection will end the problem along with mental and physical stimulation to help the dog get enough exercise. Remember also that the younger the dog is the more effective the neutering will be for these types of problems. There are cases in which humping is not caused because of a sexual problem but by hierarchy confusions. There are cases in which a dog humps his owner's leg trying to show his superiority. If you are having this problem with your dog, ignore him and lower his rank in the family. Sometimes dogs do this when they are frustrated or when they don't know how to let out their physical and mental energy. Some dogs start humping their owners whenever visitors come over etc. This behavior can be a symptom of a serious mental perturbation, and it is something to be concerned about especially if it shows up along with other problems such as aggressiveness. In these cases it's necessary to take the dog to the veterinarian so he or she can diagnose the dog's problem. If your dog ever humps your leg, never try to get him off by hitting him because this could cause the dog to react violently.

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