Sexual Problems with Dogs

Although a very sexual behavior is natural, it can be quite annoying and bothersome. Problems related with sexual activity, for instance urine marks, wandering, territory guarding, fights and excessive protection, are more likely to happen in male dogs than in female dogs; plus, it is easier to dominate with dogs that have been castrated.

Letting your dog mate whenever he wants to can result in a problem in the long run. Your dog might be sexually active. Female sterilization in dogs that are already dominant can sometimes increase the dominant behavior of the female dogs.

A Substitute for Sexual Activity
If a female dog is not in heat, she won't let the male hump her. Only very few dogs find receptive females, so they try to hump their masters. This behavior, which can also be found in females but is harmless yet annoying, can begin before the puppy reaches puberty.

If you let your puppy hump people, it will be difficult to control him once he becomes an adult.

1. Every time your dog tries to hump the arm or leg of a person, say "no", pull him away with the leash and lock him up for a minute. Dogs that are too sexually active look for any kind of physical contact even if it means being punished, so avoid touching the dog.

2. Locking your dog up is a symbolic gesture and it should only last a short while.

3. After showing indifference to your dog for a couple of minutes, order him to "sit", give him a prize and play with him. By humping your leg the dog is showing that he needs physical and mental stimulation; therefore, you must make sure your dog gets a lot of exercise.

Humping Objects
If your dog gets frustrated with his attempt of humping dogs or people, he will blow off his steam on his toys, or on pillows or carpets.

When your dog starts grabbing the carpet, order him to "get of" and spray him with a water gun. Dogs find water very disturbing.

Humping Visitors
Some dogs have the ugly habit of humping visitors just to call their attention.

Pull the dog away by his leash and lock him up in a room until the visitors have left. You can also repeat the exercises of brief training, indifference and order.

Avoid getting into an uncomfortable situation by locking the dog in a room whenever you have visitors or putting the dog on a leash and warning the visitors not to pet the dog.

If you are not thinking of using your dog for breeding and he has a bad habit related to his sexual activity, talk to the veterinarian so he can give you information about the advantages of castration.

By the way, castration is a solution that doesn't alter the basic personality of the dog at all; it makes the problems related to sexual activity less frequent.

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